Pocket Pal

The Handy Book Of Graphic Arts Production

The most comprehensive and convenient graphic arts book available

Pocket Pal®, the authoritative introduction to the graphic arts, is now in its 21st edition. Acclaimed by industry experts as the best book of its type, Pocket Pal® is the ideal choice for students, artists, designers, printers, publishers, advertisers, buyers of printing and virtually anyone associated with visual communications.

Frank Romano, of the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Print Media, has once again brought his vast knowledge and experience to the fore in serving as editor of the 21st edition. While updating all sections of the book, he has focused particularly on the major trends in digital printing and PDF workflows. The 21st edition of Pocket Pal® covers them concisely.

“We’ve also taken into account the international appeal of the publication. We have used metric numbers and have defined every acronym in this clear, concise 256-page book,” notes Romano.

The 21st edition of Pocket Pal® includes the following:

  • History and Evolution of Printing
  • Introduction to the Printing Processes
  • Prepress – typography, copy and art preparation, imaging for graphic arts, image assembly and imposition, digital prepress, and plate making
  • Printing – processes, digital presses, printing inks, and statistical process control
  • Post press – binding and finishing
  • Paper – from pulping through manufacture, characteristics, grades and more
  • Graphic Art Terms
  • International Paper Printing Papers