Objectives of the seminar
The seminar aims to arm web-fed offset press machine operators the technical skills needed to direct the future of their printing business productivity and at the least cost, and to strengthen participant’s strategic perspective, critical thinking, creativity and intuitiveness.
Today, the printing industry faces increased competition, rapid advances in technology, and staff that is often diverse in background and knowledge. The need for structured training is more critical than ever, yet time for preparation and classes is at a premium. The PPTF Web Offset Press Technical Upgrading Program can help!
Workshop Format
The workshops are unique educational programs, combining classroom activity, demonstrations, and some hands-on training for participants. This limited-attendance of ten (10) days work-shop sessions are highly participative programs led by Mr. Jack Basters, a Dutch Senior Expert on Web-Fed Offset Press Operations of whom has more than 30 years experience. He has thorough knowledge of this area of expertise, combined with extensive business experience. He will apply the newest method of teaching changing technology. Extensive use of digital multi-media and practical laboratory demonstrations and exercises highlight the programs. Ample time is provided to answer questions after each presentation and especially during the concurrent sessions. In addition, a period is provided at the close of the session for the participants to get an answer to or discussion of any other questions on any part of the process that may be puzzling or giving them trouble.
Who Should Attend?
Owners/General Managers, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Press Managers and Supervisors, Senior Press Operator/Technicians.
Duration:                     August 30, 31 and September 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7  & 8, 2017 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
Venue:                         PPTF Training Room / Practicum – TBA
Resource Speaker:   Mr. Jack Basters, PUM Netherlands Senior on Web-Fed Offset Printing Technology
Seminar Fees:
A reasonable seminar fee is charged per participant of the program to cover operational expenses that include the board & lodging and local travelling expenses of the senior expert, training venues, snacks and lunch meals of participants, and costs of training materials.
PPTF Member: Php 12,000 per head     Non-Member: Php 15,000 per head
Course Syllabus:
Unit 1.0: Introduction to Printing
Module 1.1   History & Principles of Printing
Module 1.2   Overview of Printing Technologies
-    Definition of the Most Important Terms Relating to Printing Technology    
-     Printing Technologies with a Printing Master
-     Waterless Offset Printing
-     Color/Color Theory
-     Color Reproduction
-     Color Separation
-     Reproduction Process
-     The Color Black
-     High-Fidelity Color printing
-     Halftone Process/Screening
Module 1.3   Quality Control/Measurement Techniques
-     Color Measurement (Spectrophotometry)
-     Densitometry
-     Tonal Value
-     Dot Gain
-     Derived Quality Parameters
-     Spectral Color Measurement
-     Surface Finishing Technologies
Unit 2.0: Offset Printing Technology
Module 2.1   Basic Principles
-     Process: Heatset vs. Coldset
-     Printing Plates, Printing Ink, Dampening Solution
-     Inking Unit, Dampening Unit, Printing Unit
-     Print Quality
Module 2.2   Web-Fed Offset Printing
-     Paper Travel
-     Feeders
-     Printing Units
-     Folding System
-     Delivery Units
-     Print Enhancement and In-line Finishing
Module 2.3   Remote Control, Measurement and Control Technology/Systems
-     Press Remote Control Systems
-     Color Measurement and Control Systems
-     Register Measurement and Control Techniques
-     Inspection of the Printed Image
-     In-line Print Quality Measurement and Control Systems
Module 2.4   Automation in Print Media Production
-     Wash-up Procedures
-     Plate Changing
-     Sheet Size and Paper Travel Adjustment
-     Ink Feed Presetting in the Printing Unit
-     Ink and Dampening Solution Supply
-     Pre-Make-ready and Make-ready for Print Production
Module 2.5   Understanding & Controlling Pressroom Variables
-     Optimizing the Printing Process
Please register early as this event is on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more particulars, please call the PPTF Secretariat, 2nd Floor, Room 208, SCC Building, 4427 Interior Old Sta. Mesa Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila. Telephone Nos. (02) 713-2671 and (02) 713-0902; Telefax (02) 713-0905; Email address: or .
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