5th Drupa Global Trend Report

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5th drupa Global Trends Report reflects positive mood in the printing industry
  • Clear pattern of improvement demonstrable for most but not all markets and regions since 2013
  • Strategic challenges for print mean that clear investment strategies are recognized as best way forward
  • 5th drupa Global Trends Report will be released by the end of April 2018
Printers and suppliers from the majority of market sectors reported growing confidence in their companies’ economic performance. The opportunity was taken this year to track patterns of performance over the years.

The PUM Netherlands Senior Experts and PPTF Partnership

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PUM and PPTF have agreed to become partners in implementing a project for the development of the Training Regulations (TR) of the various critical technical skilled areas intended for the printing industry. The Training Regulations will serve as basis for the:
  • Competency assessment and certification;
  • Registration and delivery of training programs; and
  • Development of curriculum and assessment instrument.
In other words, the TR will serve as guidelines for all printing schools or any learning institutions intended for the development and training of manpower skills for the printing industry under the supervision of the Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA). The TR will serve as the foundation in regulating the appropriate course curriculum for all printing schools and training centers. It will also serve as the basis wherein the level of competencies is being certified for all production workers in printing by undergoing Trade Skills Standardization Testing conducted by a certified Trade Testing Officer and will be issued certification by TESDA attesting the level of their competency.

Calendar of Upcoming Activities

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