PPTF PUM Workshop/Seminar on Post Press & Finishing Technology (May 30 - June 3, 2017)

/Seminar Photos/PUM post press 1.jpg
/Seminar Photos/PUM post press 2.jpg

China Print 2017 Exhibition (Beijing, May 2017)

/Event Photos/China Print Beijing 5-2017.jpg
 /Event Photos/China Print 5-2017.jpg

PPTF PUM Workshop/Seminar on Press Technology (April 20-29, 2017)

/Seminar Photos/PUM Offset Seminar 1.jpg
/Seminar Photos/PUM Offset Seminar 2.jpg

Printing South China & Sino Label 2017 Exhibition (February 28 - March 3, 2017)

/Event Photos/Printing South China 2017 1.jpg
/Event Photos/Printing South China 2017 2.jpg

PPTF PUM Workshop/Seminar on Prepress Technology (February 20 - March 2017)

/Seminar Photos/PUM Prepress Seminar 1.jpg
/Seminar Photos/PUM Prepress Seminar 2.jpg

PPTF Board of Trustees
/Event Photos/board meeting 01-2017.jpg
Board Meeting Jan. 2017
/Event Photos/MOA with PUM.jpg
Signing of MOA with PUM Netherlands
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